Walls in Russia-Ukraine War: Predicted on April 26, 2022


Submission Record on April 26, 2022


The original text has been out of rank ( The Guardian did not send back a whole copy). A submission record was accidentally found that shows the earliest prediction on walls of the Russia-Ukraine War was on April 26, 2022. The time is about the end of the first phase of Russia’s special military.
There are three key points in this submission record.

Three main points

1. There are three theoretical ceasefire lines

(Isn’t it too early to predict ceasefire just following a war started!)
1.1 The L1 line is bounded by the Dnieper River. (That did not include the Black Sea coast at that time.  I firstly mentioned what the Black Sea coast as a part of the L1 ceasefire line on May 23, 2022).
1.2 The L2 line is the complete administrative boundary of Donetsk and Lugansk.
1.3 Line L3 is any ceasefire line located between Line L1 and Line L2.

2. The most powerful force on ceasefire issue is the United States

At that time, it was pointed out that the most powerful force to decide whether to ceasefire or not, and to decide where to ceasefire, is the United States, not others (the exclusions of Russia, the European Union, and China were also specifically listed).
2.1 If the main purpose of the United States is to weaken Russia, weaken the European Union, and block Russia’s connection with the European Union, the United States will choose a relatively stable ceasefire line on the L1 line and the L2 line.
2.2 If the main purpose of the United States is to continuously weaken Russia, weaken the European Union, and create long-term chaos in Europe, then the United States will choose an unstable ceasefire line on the L3 line.

3. India has a high weight

If India intervenes in this chaos, it will bring great risks to all parties involved, and may even trigger World War Three.

(What is the basis of this prophecy? I am a little confused now. But in the manuscript on May 23, 2022, I mentioned the following. If India turns around and joins the team to sanction Russia, it will encourage the United States to decoupl from China. Then the USA will be more confident to split the entire world into two parallel parts.)



1. Both the fighting and the ceasefire will take place within the two confined walls (between L1 and L2 lines).
2. There will be a ceasefire.
3. The ceasefire on the two border walls is relatively stable.
4. The ceasefire between the two border walls is unstable.
5. The decisive power on the battlefield is the United States and not other powers.
6. The purpose of the war includes weakening the EU, weakening Russia, and blocking the connection between the EU and Russia.
7. The purpose of the war does not exclude that the United States will continue to weaken the European Union, weaken Russia, and continue to maintain chaos in Europe for a long-term.
8. India has a very high weight that may trigger the third world war. (Note: Obviously, since the submission on May 23, 2022, I have significantly lowered the weight of India. Recently I can not remember the basis for making this judgment. Sorry!)



Any way, at least my prediction about that the Russia-Ukraine conflict will be limited to the line between L1 and L2 is still not outdated. Of course, I am becoming more and more conservative now, so that I added a time-limited adverbial, “at least before the end of 2026” in a recent article.

The prediction that the United States is committed to weakening the European Union has basically been confirmed.


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