Topics about War begins at Europe in 2022

Need Help on Background References

Need Help on Idea Supports

PPPNet needs support in background reference. Please support PPPNet readers with Reference Sources in following fields.

Background reference group1:

What about Russian, Belarusian, and Ukraniane, their blood relationship, cultural ties, historical origins, important bits, similarities and differences.

Background reference group2:

What about the definition, connotation, extension and status to confine the term of Pan-German Nation.

Background reference group3:

Factors,  including historical, cultural, biological, geographical, and others, influence Russian on “European Identity”.

Reference on background group4:

when, why, how, what, about “Orphan of Zhao” when King of Jin State restored Zhao family noble status after he had destroyed it in ancient China.

Background reference group5:

about Magna Carta.

Background reference group6:

On Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc): the historical Premise and historical significance of her.

Please offer your great kindness to share your references sources to readers of PPPNet. All formats are welcomed, including citation format in APA or other styles, abstract or excerpt, complete files, etal.

Great Respect to You.

    Need Help on Idea Supports

    1. About European Unification

    1.1 Do Europeans prefer unity or recent status?

    1.2 How do you think if recent Europe is united under the power of the USA, or not?

    1.3 Assuming eventually that Europe will be unified, is an endogenous willingness lead this process or unification must be achieved under armed forces?

    1.4 If Europe will be unified eventually under a external press, which nation or country will lead this process? Pan-Gaulic nation? Pan-German nation? Pan-Italian nation? Panhellenic nation? Pan-Turkic people? Pan-Slavic nation? Pan-Celtic nation? How do you think about the reasons to support your idea?

    1.5 If Europe will be unified eventually, How long do you think it will happen in future?

    1.6 Please imagine what are the possible prerequisites and opportunities for European unification? What conditions can stimulate these opportunities?

    2. about the colonized features over Europe

    2.1 How do you think if some body says that Europe is a colony of the USA?

    2.2 Why European or European leaders support a war to weaken or to hurt Europe?

    2.3 Why lots of European leaders follow America’s orientation instead of the interests of their own nation?

    2.4 Why lots of European leaders lost their own judgment on their national interests? or Why this kind of political leader were elected successfully?

    2.5 How America can control or manage lots of European leaders?

    3. Political System and Organizational Capability

    3.1 Why did the feudal system last in Europe until modern times, but it stopped more than 2000 years ago in China?

    3.2 How do you evaluate the historical significance of the British Magna Carta?

    3.3 How do you compare the politics power system shared by parliament, executive, and legislature to the co-governance system by the king, church, and aristocrats?

    3.4 What are the similarities or essential differences between the Magna Carta incident in modern Britain and the restoring aristocratic status to Zhao family’s by the King of Jin State in ancient China?

    3.5 How to evaluate the historical significance of Joan of Arc?

    3.6 When did the the bottom people in Europe have the awareness or ability to intervene in the political process to change their nation / state /or country?

    3.7 Why had the bottom people in ancient China supported a centralization system for more than 2,000 years, while the bottom people in Europe support the system of decentralization or co-governance until today?

    3.8 Compared to the Chinese, do you think Europeans have more autonomy or more dependence?

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